REVOLUZZER achieves top position in wine plus tasting

We are happy to announce that our REVOLUZZER 2017 has been rated "Outstanding" (90 points) by the largest online wine guide Wein-Plus. According to the rating system of Wein-Plus, this makes it one of the "first-class wines that belong to the best of its kind". REVOLUZZER 2017 is now also available for sale. Verkauf erhältlich. 

The tasting team describes it as follows: "Nutty, a little dried floral, vegetable and distinctly yeasty scent with yellow-fruity, hinted fatty and dried floral aromas. Cool, restrained, largely dry fruit, a lot of yeast and rather light minerality, very fine acidity, some touch of crumbly tannin, light floral tones, persistent, slightly non-slip, good depth, still young, a hint of dark berries, very good, rather bitter finish with touch and cool juice."