Things to know


Wine. A filigree PINOT NOIR with intense fruit of cherry and dark berries and a little strawberry. The nose is fine and the wood note is very well integrated. The fact that this wine has almost no residual sugar is not noticeable. The drinking flow is very good and a lot of fun. Unfortunately only 999 bottles of this Pinot were produced.

Making. It is the first PINOT NOIR from our winery, for which we have come up with something special. Our REVOLUZZER was harvested in Malterdingen in Baden and spontaneously fermented on the mash in our wine cellar. 15% of the juice was taken after one day to concentrate the Pinot more. After three weeks it was gently pressed on the basket press and then partially matured in new oak barriques (Seguin Moreau) and in 600 l barrels (Halbstückfass). It was then removed several times so that we could fill it into the bottle without filtration. The wine is completely vegan.

Story. The REVOLUZZER tells the story of the democrat and freedom fighter Adam von Itzstein. 200 years ago, in his garden house, he and the Hallgartener Kreis prepared the first National Assembly of 1848. Today you can enjoy our wines at this historic place in the middle of the vineyards of Hallgarten (Oestrich-Winkel). Adam was also a winegrower, by the way, and today we also make our wines from his vineyards.

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