New products for ProWein 2019

Since ProWein 2018 a lot has happened at BIBO RUNGE: We have bought and leased old vineyards in excellent locations in and around Hallgarten. We maintain our high quality standard by hand-picking all grapes, macerating them for a long time, pressing them gently with a basket press and letting them ferment spontaneously in oak barrels for at least 10 months. And we have several new products:

- ROMANTIKER: In spring 2018 still at the "Wein ohne Namen" our ROMANTIKER Riesling dry very quickly proved to be the darling of the public. The vintage 2016 has already been sold out for several months, the 2017 vintage is a dry, fruity charmer with substance, not only for a romantic Evening for two.

- PROVOCATEUR: Shortly before Christmas 2018 we have finished our PROVOKATEUR, a pink Riesling champagne. This bottle-fermented sparkling wine from our in oak barrels fermented Riesling we have added a dash of red wine when disgorging. The mixture of white and red make it a very special pleasure that is enthusiastically received by our customers. 

-KLEINER REVOLUZZER is coming! After our very successful REVOLUZZER we could not resist to give our starter on top level, the little brother of the REVOLUZZER, a name that speaks for itself. Even the KLEINER REVOLUZZER was read by hand, and after a long maceration period in the Basket press and then fermented spontaneously for 10 months in big barrels.

The REVOLUZZER tells the story of the democrat and freedom fighter Adam von Itzstein, who 200 years ago prepared the National Assembly of 1848 (Paulskirche). He founded the Hallgartener Kreis, which was regularly held in the summer house oof his winery. This summer house is today our Strausswirtschaft.