REVOLUZZER WINES from the Rheingau

Hallgarten, a little village within the wine area „Rheingau“, situated 100 m above the Rhine . It is, where the blacksmith versed the devil’s horse and got the "Hallgarten Forceps" for it. Where the revolutionaries prepared the first National Assembly of 1848, where the first Tree of Liberty in the Rheingau was set up. This is where BIBO RUNGE wine is made.


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When quality enthusiasts are at work people take notice

Three grapes in the Gault-Millau, in the third year after the winery was founded, is testament to the exceptional quality of our wines.

Vinum 2019 praises our "delicate wines with great finesse, structure and character".

Eichelmann 2019 is highly impressed with our "splendid collection" of "powerful yet very elegant wines of vintage 2017".

"Too bad you can't caress wine."
Kurt Tucholsky